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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a charge for an estimate?
    No, there is no charge for an estimate from DeVries Custom Coachworks.
  2. Do I have to get more than one estimate?
    No, you can take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice and get just one estimate. We would be happy to write an estimate for you and submit it to your insurance company. If your insurance company has already written an estimate for you we will be happy to use their estimate and work with your company to expedite repairs and return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.
  3. Can I choose the body shop where my vehicle is repaired?
    Yes, it is your responsibility, and your right to choose the body shop that will repair your vehicle. You may have prior experience with an auto body shop; ask family and friends for referrals, check with the Better Business Bureau or check online. Be sure the auto body shop you choose is an I-CAR Shop and offers a Lifetime Warranty on their workmanship and paint. To expedite repairs please inform your insurance company of the auto body shop you have chosen.
  4. Will my new car warranty be voided if I don’t go to the dealer for my repairs?
    No, your manufacturer’s warranty will remain in effect. In addition to your manufacturer's warranty the areas that DeVries repairs will be covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
  5. Does DeVries offer a warranty?
    Yes, DeVries offers a written Limited Lifetime Warranty, to repair, without charge to you,any defects in workmanship for the bodywork and paint labor shown on your repair invoice…for as long as you own your vehicle. BASF, the manufacturer of our paint products, also provides a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty. Please click on "Warranty" for more information.
  6. Can you arrange for my vehicle to be towed?
    Yes, whenever possible DeVries will be happy to make towing arrangements for you. During business hours Monday through Friday from 7:00 am. to 4 pm. just give us a call at 928-684-5676. On weekends and after hours you can call Acme Towing at 928-684-6869 or Stotz's Towing, Inc at 928-684-2052 and tell them to "take it to DeVries!". They can hold the vehicle at their impound lot until business hours. The cost of towing as the result of an accident is covered as part of the loss. DeVries will pay the tow bill when your vehicle is delivered to us. We will include this expense in the estimate that is submitted to the insurance company.
  7. Can you arrange for a rental car?
    Yes, we would be happy to make a rental car reservation for you that will coordinate with the scheduled repair date of your vehicle. We can offer “one stop convenience”. Rental vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at DeVries and you can utilize a free shuttle service to and from the rental car office.
  8. Can I get a ride home or to work when I drop off my vehicle?
    Yes, we are happy to provide courtesy rides/vehicle pickup and delivery within a 25 mile radius upon request. When you call to schedule your repair please inform us that you will need a ride. Also, there is a free shuttle service between Wickenburg and the Surprise area several times each day. For information about pickup times and locations for the shuttle, call 1-800-713-3809.
  9. How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
    Vehicle repair time is determined by the complexity and extent of the damages. We will give you an ETD, or estimated time of delivery, based on the initial appraisal of the collision damage. However, the initial appraisal is often written on visual damage only. The estimated time of delivery may change after your vehicle is completely disassembled due to the discovery of additional supplemental damage, the need for additional parts, availability of parts and supplemental insurance approvals. Your customer service representative will keep you informed during the repair process.
  10. I have several estimates that are significantly different in price. Why?
    There are a number of reasons that estimates may differ. Are all the necessary repairs included on each estimate? A low estimate could reflect an incomplete job which may not include structural damage to the frame or unibody. There may be a difference because one body shop has written to repair a part and another shop has written to replace the part. There are three primary estimating systems used by auto body repair facilities: Mitchell, CCC and ADP. Each system breaks down labor operations differently and frequently use different material allowances for similar operations. The type of part used in the repairs will have a significant impact on the repair cost. Is the estimate written to use OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture’s parts, aftermarket parts, used or remanufactured parts? If you have several estimates that differ in price please bring them to DeVries and we will be happy to help you determine why there are price differences.
  11. If my vehicle’s frame is damaged does that mean my vehicle can’t be repaired?
    No, frame damage is common and it can be repaired with the proper equipment and experienced technicians. Your vehicle may have a chassis (frame) or it may have a unibody (frame and body as one) construction. If the severity and location of the collision damage indicates there is frame or unibody damage your vehicle will be mounted to a dedicated bench or universal frame rack. A state-of-the-art 3-dimensional system will be utilized to provide graphic and numeric data showing the extent of the damage and the damage will be repaired returning specific measuring points on your vehicle back to the dimensions dictated by the vehicle manufacturer.
  12. Can you match the color of the paint on my vehicle?
    Yes, DeVries uses a computerized paint mixing system by BASF,a leader in refinish products. The paint code on your vehicle indicates the color your vehicle was painted at the factory. It provides a starting point for the paint formula. Our painters use the paint code and their experience to blend a color that matches your vehicle. Your vehicle will be spray painted in a booth providing you with a factory paint match… both color and texture.
  13. Is my vehicle a total loss?
    The decision to total a vehicle is made by the insurance company handling the claim not by the body shop. Each insurance company has their own specific guidelines which they utilize to determine if a vehicle is a total. In many instances a vehicle will be totaled if the cost to repair equals or exceeds 75% to 80% of the vehicle’s ACV (actual cash value).
  14. What do I do with my insurance check?
    Please keep the check until the repairs on your vehicle are complete. We will need to collect it along with any applicable deductible. If you are uncomfortable keeping the check we can hold it for you until your vehicle is ready for delivery. You can endorse the check over to DeVries Custom Coachworks at that time. If your insurance check has a lien holder listed on it you can have the lien holder sign off the check prior to picking up your vehicle.
  15. When do I pay my deductible?
    You pay your deductible to DeVries at the time you pick up your vehicle. The amount of deductible that you will be responsible for is determined by your insurance policy. Please check with your agent or adjuster if you are unsure of the amount. We will work with every insurance company directly to negotiate for their portion of the repairs and will accept cash, personal checks, Discover, Mastercard and Visa for customer pay repairs and deductibles.
  16. How soon after my vehicle is painted can I wash and wax it?
    FIRST 30 DAYS…Wash by hand using only clear water. Be sure to wash your vehicle in the shade. Please do not “dry wipe” your vehicle. It can scratch the finish.Please do not use a commercial car wash. The stiff brushes and sponges can damage your paint. Please avoid parking under trees which are likely to attract birds. Bird droppings have a high acid content which will damage fresh paint. Tree sap can also spot fresh paint. Please do not spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent on the new paint. AFTER 30 DAYS…Wash your vehicle using a mild car wash solution or mild dishwashing detergent and soft cloth. AFTER 90 DAYS… Waiting 90 days will allow your paint to cure completely. At this time we recommend that you wax your car. Keeping a coat of wax on your vehicle will protect the finish and help keep it looking like new.

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