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There are many types of replacement parts used to repair vehicles. Each insurance company has their own policy regarding the types of parts they ask us to use when we repair your vehicle. There are many variables that determine which type of part is used. Your insurance policy may contain verbiage that specifies the type of part. Other variables such as availability, cost, and age of vehicle are often taken into consideration. The goal of the insurance company and the repair facility is to provide safe guaranteed repairs that restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Our customer service representative or the insurance claim representative of the insurance company paying for your repair can explain the parts policy as it pertains to your vehicle.

Types of Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) These are parts that are made by the manufacturer of your vehicle or possibly a vendor that supplies the manufacturer.


These are copies of the original parts which were installed in your vehicle when it was new. After market parts used vary from a fender to a headlight. An analogy would be generic versus brand name. Consumers have been purchasing aftermarket or generic mechanical parts such as batteries and radiators for years in order to contain the cost of mechanical repairs.

Most insurance companies require the use of aftermarket parts in certain situations but they also guarantee customer satisfaction. These parts must meet industry standards for safety, fit and appearance or DeVries will contact the insurance company and ask for permission to replace the aftermarket part with OEM.

Recycled, (LKQ) Like in Kind and Quality, or Used

These terms are used interchangeably to describe an OEM part that was originally installed on a new vehicle. The part has been removed from a used or pre-owned vehicle and is being recycled and used again. Each part is inspected and restored to Like in Kind and Quality before it is installed on your vehicle.


These are OEM parts that have been reconditioned or remanufactured. Parts that are normally remanufactured may be headlights, wheels or bumpers.

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