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Restoration Work

Devries Custom Coachworks - Vehicle Restoration Restoration work is a specialized process that very few companies attempt these days. At DeVries Custom Coachworks, we love classic vehicles and would be proud to consider taking on your restoration project. Due to our limited space, however, we are very selective about the jobs that we take on. Please take a moment to read through our restoration guidelines and then call us to discuss the details of the restoration you have in mind so we can decide with you whether or not it will be a win-win for both of us!

Restorations are not priced in advance and are billed as actually worked by the clock hour PLUS materials. A ballpark restoration/custom estimate is available for budget purposes only.

Restorations are scheduled and completed on a limited basis as our capacity permits. Your flexibility is REQUIRED.

Restorations require a minimum of $2500 down to get the job started.

Restorations are billed on a pay-as-you go basis at $78.00 per hour as actually worked by the clock, in addition to charging our cost plus 30% on neccessary parts. (Copies of receipts will be provided). Monthly invoices will be mailed to you and are due upon receipt unless alternate terms are agreed upon.

Restorations are slow to finish and can take many weeks or even several months to complete. Please keep in mind that if the job is in depth and complicated, more time will be required.

Restorations are unique and subject to a case-by-case limited warranty on work.

We love to do restoration work, but it requires us to be upfront and honest with you. We greatly appreciate considering us to do the work and if our terms sound reasonable to you, please call us or stop by the shop to discuss it further.

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