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Repair Time

The most frequently asked question when customers drop off their vehicle is, “How long will it take to repair my vehicle?” We would like to give you an accurate date for completion of your vehicles repair at that time but it is often not possible. We give you an ETD or ESTIMATED TIME of DELIVERY. Delays or an extension of the repair process can be caused by many circumstances.

Supplemental Damage - Parts

Frequently the initial estimate on a vehicle is written on visual damage only. During the disassembly process additional damage is frequently found. This damage may require the ordering of additional parts even though parts were ordered and scheduled to be delivered before the vehicle was dropped off. The additional parts may be readily available in only a few days or they may be on national back order and cause a significant delay. Delays are also caused by the shipment of wrong parts.

Supplemental Damage – Repair Time

Often visual inspection of a vehicle will not reveal structural damage to a unibody. The vehicle may appear to be undamaged on the surface but in fact be damaged internally or underneath. To detect and repair this damage a vehicle must be mounted on a bench or a frame rack. A measuring system is used to bring the vehicle back to manufactures tolerance. This is an exacting, time consuming but necessary process. If this damage is missed or improperly repaired it can cause suspension and handling problems, increased tire wear, and reduced durability or operation of key safety systems and structural parts.


During reassembly new trim pieces are installed along with original trim pieces that were removed from the vehicle. At one time almost all of these pieces were affixed with metal clips, the majority of today’s cars utilize plastic clips. These clips, brackets, moldings etc. may crack or break during reassembly necessitating the ordering of additional parts.

Mechanical and Cosmetic Repairs

Once the structural reassembly and refinishing is complete the mechanical repairs begin. The majority of mechanical repairs are done at DeVries. However, severe mechanical damage, electrical diagnosis and repairs and computer sensors may be sublet to a specialist. The time of our repair process may be lengthened to accommodate their production schedule. Window tinting, pin stripping and interior trim and upholstery are also done at DeVries. The specialists that we sublet to make every attempt to accommodate our production schedule but on occasion we have to make accommodations for their schedules.

A delay in the repair process can be difficult if a customer does not have car rental coverage or if their coverage is inadequate due to the extent of the damage.

It is our goal at DeVries to expedite each step in the repair process and return your vehicle to you in pre-accident condition as quickly as possible.

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